Notetaker 1.0.0

Denizen Version
Notetaker allows you to take notes in Denizen! This isn't just a retextured book, oh no! Place paper and dye into a crafting table to create a note, and change the color of the paper OR the ink! Add as much dye as you'd like to get the perfect color. With a soft dependency, the colors can also be represented by names!

Once you've finished coloring your note, right click, and type in chat to form your note. After a second or two, you'll have a note! Notes are functionally map items, which means you can put them in item frames to frame your note as well.

Lastly, if you are an op (or have the notetaker permissions, along with a permission plugin), you can use the /note command to write your note. The note command allows you not only to change the colors of your note, but also the text alignment, as well as swap out the background color for a background image instead!

Check out the video in the sidebar for a short video on how it works!


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