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Color Names 1.0.0

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Want to have names for your colors? Check out this simple task script! All you have to do is pass in the color you want to get a name for, and with the power of using other people's hard work and web scraping, you get back a human readable name for that color!

Things to note: This uses a call to a website, and scrapes it. That means, since it's not a true api call, it needs to fetch a lot of data compared to what we're actually using. On top of that, the speed will not be instant since, again, it is calling out and getting a whole website. Do not use this in anything that is called very quickly. Getting the name of a color for some lore is okay, but you wouldn't want this in `on player walks`, for example. Also, due to the fact that this is a third party website, I can't guarantee future compatibility. They might change website formatting to use client side javascript to get color names, or limit how many calls can come from an IP address, or just go down entirely. Use at your own caution.
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