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Item Linker 1.0.0

Denizen Version
Link items in chat!

This allows you to link your item in chat. Simply type in where the item is located on your person, while surrounded in curly brackets (main_hand, off_hand, helmet, leggings, chestplate, boots), and it will be replaced with a hoverable piece of text. The text will be underlined, and have the same name as your items name. If your item contains lore, that will show up when hovered over.

For example, if you were holding a stick in your main hand, and you typed "Check out my {main_hand}", the output of your message would instead read "Check out my Stick", and stick would be hoverable.

Due to using a magic Denizen Tool, this will instead announce the message to chat rather than determine the message. This means it must be the last on player chats event to fire, for compatibility with other chat modifying scripts. By default, the priority for this script is 1000, but adjust as needed. Also, since this message is announced, and the actual chat event is cancelled, any external plugins attempting to modify the chat would need to do so before Denizen. Changing bukkit priority may help with this, but no guarantees. Stop using external plugins anyways, you could probably do it in denizen faster and easier anyways.
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