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Tired of having to organize your skins?
Or do you happen to get this error often when you change your skin and try to relog real quick?:
Invalid session (Try restarting your game)

Well, now you don't even have to log out to change your skin, AND they can be organized by name!

With the /skin command, you can save, set, and rename your skins by name!

Want that famous youtuber's skin without having to skin-grab and apply it? Just do this:
/skin set Dream!
Just don't feel like logging out? Here:
/skin save BehrsFancyBlueSuit - bam, you saved one of my snazzy suits, and you can always just reload it again later with this:
/skin set BehrsFancyBlueSuit!
Oh, and don't worry, if you forgot what you named it, it's built to help you with some dense error-checking, a tab-complete to include existing skin save names, and even a list sub-command to tell you ALL the skins you've saved with /skin list!

Demo Preview:
Here's the full usage:
/skin help | Shows this list in-game
/skin set name | Sets a skin by the name you saved - if it doesn't exist, you'll get whatever that player's name's skin is!
/skin reset | Resets your skin to your default skin
/skin rename old_name new_name | Renames a skin from old_name to the new_name specified
/skin save player_name | Saves a skin by the player_name's skin
/skin save name url (slim) | Saves a skin by the URL pasted - optionally making it slim if specified
/skin list | Lists the skins you've saved
/skin delete name | Deletes a skin by the name you saved

Feel free to @ me in the Denizen Script and Citizens Discord if you have any specific related questions or have an issue to report, I respond to @Hydra Melody.

Also, thanks to Mergu for the web request snippet of the script from his, and mcmonkey for updating it further.
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