Master Crafter

Master Crafter 1.3.0

Denizen Version
A functional, skill based system that overwrites how vanilla tools and armor are made.

To start, craft a hammer, then craft any vanilla tool or armor piece as normal. When left click or shift left clicking, the appropriate amount of materials will be consumed, but no item will be produced. Back out of the crafting table GUI and right click on the table with a hammer. You should hear a clanging sound. After a set amount of clanks (dependent on the material and the configs), the item should pop out of the top of the table. Crafting many of the same tool or armor will allow you to "learn" the the item, giving each new tool or armor a higher durability, better name, and eventually, some amount of enchants. Once trained enough, you will become a master crafter of said tool or armor, giving you a legendary name and color, a chance of the item being unbreakable, and higher experience gain for the next tool or armor in the chain (ex. A Master Crafter in wooden pickaxes gives extra XP gain in stone pickaxes).

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