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Manhunt / Speedrunners vs Hunters game 1.3.3

Denizen Version
This script is a recreation of Dream's manhunt game where speedrunner(s) try to beat the game before the hunter(s) kill them.

  • Supports multiple runners and multiple hunters
  • Optional world generation/reset from random seed after each hunt
  • Runners can have head start
  • Compass tracking with distance indication
  • Compass support across dimensions (tracks portal locations)
  • Compass support in Nether and End
  • Team chat within runner or hunter teams (using # prefix)
  • Players join game through portals in a lobby world
  • Players can join when a hunt is in progress - the other players must all agree first
  • Others can spectate a hunt in progress
  • Various messages and status displays
  • Heals and feeds players on start
  • Integration with Coordinates/Time HUD script
Server set up

Requires Multiverse-Core
Optional Multiverse-NetherPortals (if server would contain multiple nether or end worlds)
Optional Multiverse-Inventories (see below)

This script has been designed to be used on a server with a lobby world plus a set of 3 worlds for the hunt game (1 for each dimension). The hunt worlds will be created automatically if they don't already exists.

Most likely, Multiverse-Inventories will be required to separate the game inventory from the lobby, in which case the 3 game worlds need to be a group which shares "all". Optional share "last_location" also needs to be enabled so players can join back to the right location after disconnecting. The re-joining after disconnect logic assumes that the server is set up to initially teleport a player to the lobby world on join.

Requires the following noted cuboids:
hunt_runner = the portal through which the runner(s) join the game (should not be in hunt world)
hunt_hunter = the portal through which the hunter(s) join the game (should not be in hunt world)

Requires the following noted locations:
hunt_endlobby = Location to teleport to when leaving hunt or when hunt ends

To note a location, stand in the location and use command:
/ex note <player.location> as:<noted name>
To note cuboids use the Denizen Area Selector Tool with this command:
/selnote <noted name>
Or if you have WorldEdit & Depenizen installed, you can use the WorldEdit wand and command:
/ex note <player.we_selection> as:<noted name>


All commands need permission: custom.hunt

To start the hunt
/hunt start [<head start time>]

To leave the hunt and return to hunt_endlobby
/hunt leave

To join the hunt after it has already started
/hunt join

To agree to another player joining the hunt after it has already started
/hunt agree

To reset the hunt and all flags
/hunt reset
Also needs permission: custom.hunt.reset
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  3. v1.3.1

    The hunt worlds are created if they don't exist when the script is loaded or server started