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Verified High Quality Area Selector Tool 2022-04-11

This script was verified by the Denizen team to be a particularly high quality example of how scripts are written.
Denizen Version
Area Selector Tool: a handy dandy tool to select and note areas from in-game!

Supported area shapes: Cuboids, Ellipsoids, Spheres, Polygons.

Featuring a super simple and clear in-game cuboid viewing thingo:


And ellipsoids

And polygons

Super easy to use:


# Installation:
# Just put the script in your scripts folder and reload.
# Usage:
# Type command "/seltool" to get a cuboid selector tool.
# Or "/seltool ellipsoid" for ellipsoids, "sphere" for spheres, or "polygon" for polygons.
# Requires permission "selector_tool.seltool"
# While holding a cuboid, ellipsoid, or sphere tool, left click to start a selection and right click to expand the selection.
# While holding a polygon tool, left click to start a selection, and right click to add a corner.
# Corners must be in a consistent order (you can't go back and forth).
# Use "/selheight" to raise or lower the polygon height to your current player height, or "/selheight 100" to raise or lower the polygon height to Y=100 for example.
# Requires permission "selector_tool.selheight"
# Use "/selnote [name]" to note your selected area as the name. For example, "/selnote myshop" adds noted area 'myshop'.
# Requires permission "selector_tool.selnote"
# Use "/selshow" to show your current cuboid selection.
# Requirers permission "selector_tool.selshow"
# If you have Depenizen and WorldEdit, this will automatically send your selections to WorldEdit as well.
# In a script or "/ex" command, use "<player.has_flag[seltool_selection]>" to check if the player has a selection.
# and "<player.flag[seltool_selection]>" to get the selected area.
# Flag "seltool_type" defines the current selection type (cuboid, ellipsoid, sphere, polygon).
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You would think these features would be included in stinky world edit! so easy to use!
I have been using the script for a whole now and it works great.

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