In-Game Custom Head Item List

Verified High Quality In-Game Custom Head Item List 2021-11-18

This script was verified by the Denizen team to be a particularly high quality example of how scripts are written.
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Need to quickly grab some in-game custom head items?

Don't want to buy a buggy premium Spigot plugin?

Here's a script that does that all nice n easy like.



# Installation:
# - Put the script in your scripts folder.
# - Add a list of heads to plugins/Denizen/data/head_list.yml (key name 'heads', list of maps with keys 'title', 'uuid', 'value')
# If you need a heads list, here's a list file of about 35 thousand heads from
# - Restart server (or reload and then '/ex run heads_list_load')
# Usage:
# Type "/heads" in-game, optionally with a search like "/heads monkey".
# There will be tab completed suggestions for tag names, but you don't have to use those.
# You will need permission "denizen.heads" to use the command.
# You can just grab heads right out of the opened inventory.
# For large searches, click the left/right arrows freely to move through pages (45 heads per page). There will be up to 1000 results listed for any search.
# Note that searches will cache, meaning the first time you search something might take a second to load. The cache resets when the server restarts.
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