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Denizen Models, aka dModels, is a tool that can take BlockBench "generic" models and render them in minecraft, including with full animations, by spawning sets of armor stands.


The current version relies on an external program (I hope to change that in the future), you can find the full source for that program and the script on GitHub here.

Follow the steps in the script's header for setup and usage, note that the converter program is ran through command line, it gives usage info when you execute it, there's also an example in the GitHub readme.

  • Is this kinda like ModelEngine? Yes
  • Is this the same as ModelEngine? No
  • Do my ModelEngine models work with DenizenModels? You might have to edit them a little, in particular remove the hitbox part, but yes.
  • Do my DenizenModels models work in ModelEngine? No idea, but probably not. DenizenModels allows total freedom with rotations, UV coordinates, etc. whereas ModelEngine is much more restrictive. You'd have to edit the model quite a bit to conform to ModelEngine's requirements.
  • Do my models made for something else, like a client mod, work? Possibly! That goat in the gif above was originally intended to be loaded by a client mod, and the only part I had to edit was fixing the tail's pivot point to be in the middle of the tail (one button click in BlockBench)
  • Is that external program really needed? Can't you do it in Denizen?! There's actually only like two parts that it does that Denizen can't, so yes I intend to replace the program with Denizen-built-in logic once Denizen can do those things (most notably: parsing the raw texture bytes to a real image) It's probably actually replacable via script and that will probably happen in the near future
  • Do I really have to understand resource pack stuff to do this? Can't you automate it away? I could automate that away, I just haven't yet. I intend to do so at the same time the converter is rewritten to be entirely contained within Denizen.
  • Can't you make it easier to attach the model to NPCs or something? Eventually yes, it's not done yet only because this is the first beta version.
  • Why does this spawn real armor stands instead of fake ones? Cause that's how I was testing for beta. A fakespawn version will be built at some point.
  • Why model no clicky clickable :(? Same as above, beta release, yadda yadda, solved in future.
  • My animated part is glitching and zapping sideways really hard! There's a desync between rotation and position changes, make your pivot point for parts as close to where it's supposed to be as possible to minimize rotation-induced movement. In the future I hope to find a way to bypass this restriction. We have a few ideas to test for it already. UPDATE: there's now partial sync! It's not total sync but it's a lot better than it was before. Still missing the 'secret sauce' to make it perfect.
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