Copy/Paste Commands

Copy/Paste Commands 1.0

Denizen Version
Copy/Pasting Commands: Commands to copy/paste/preview/rotate/etc a block selection

Requires Cuboid Selector Tool:


# Dependencies:
# Cuboid Tool script -
# Installation:
# Just put this script and the cuboid tool script in your scripts folder and reload.
# Usage:
# Refer to the cuboid tool info for how to get and use a CTool.
# Use "/ccopy" to copy your selected area (relative to where you stand).
# Use "/crotate [90/180/270]" or "/cflip [x/z]" to rotate/flip the copy.
# Use "/cpreview [time] [noair]" to show a temporary preview of how it will paste.
# Use "/cpaste [noair]" to actually paste the copy in (relative to where you stand).
# Use "/csave [name]" to save the copy to file and "/cload [name]" to load it back.
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