Mineable 1.1.0

This new update brings mineable into the new version of Minecraft. The resources now include copper, and netherite among the "mineables". As well, small coal, or the coal pieces used to make a full coal, can be used as fuel themselves. They smelt for 1/4th of the time of regular coal. Lastly, the code has been updated, and textures have been cleaned up. There was too many erroneous texture json's, and they were all numbered, instead of using the item's name, making them hard to find out which linked to which. They've now been noted correctly! The texture pack has also been updated to version 8, for 1.18. However, you should be able to downgrade the pack easily by changing the pack version number to whatever you need. Also, there are brand new textures, which should look a lot nicer!