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Manhunt / Speedrunners vs Hunters game 1.3.3

Sets player saturation to default on game start (before the players could end up with too much saturation)
Added a configurable delay between generating each of the 3 worlds to avoid a single prolonged lag spike
The hunt worlds are created if they don't exist when the script is loaded or server started
Optional world generation/reset from random seed after each hunt
Now hunt commands (apart from reset) can only be used while in hunt worlds
Enforce maximum head start time of 300s
Bugfix: Clear title text if player leaves during head start
Added sidebar display listing players during active hunt
When a player is requesting/waiting to join, now it shows which team they are joining
Added info display for Spectators with instructions how to teleport to players
Bugfix: compass left click didn't cycle through multiple players properly
Left click on compass now immediately tracks as well as switching to next runner
Rate limit compass tracking actions to every 3t for efficiency
All player effects are now removed on first join
Added team chat (private chat between runners or hunters).
Added ability for new players to join the hunt while in progress, if all existing players agree.
Now hunters can use compass to break things when left click.
Bugfix: hunters now get another compass when they die.
Player damage now disabled during joining phase.
Added integration with Coordinates/Time HUD script.