Denizen Models

Verified High Quality Denizen Models 2.0 R2

This script was verified by the Denizen team to be a particularly high quality example of how scripts are written.
The new version of DModels fully supports 1.19.4 Display Entities and other cool new related features!

No longer supports older minecraft versions.
- Support for 1.19.3 texture pack format (atlases).
- better 'mcmeta' file handling
- fixes for the 'fake_to' option
- improved internals
- new dmodels subcommands "unload" and "unloadall"
- better compensation for models with missing or invalid animations
  • Major: There is now a /dmodels command that allows users to directly use DModels, removing the prior limit of being exclusively API-based. Includes load [model], loadall, spawn [model], remove, animate [animation], stopanimate, npcmodel [model]
  • New: Citizens integration for attaching a model to an NPC
  • New: Custom resource pack path available in config
  • New: API task dmodels_multi_load can be used to load multiple models at once rapidly
  • New: API task dmodels_attach_to can be used to attach a model to any entity, and optionally auto-animate based on the entity
  • Improved: Invalid cubes without textures would error - they are now skipped instead. This improves compatibility with models made for ModelEngine (which have a textureless 'hitbox')
  • Improved: There is now error-checking in several of the API-entry tasks, to reduce the risk of error propagation
  • Fixed: Cubes not inside an outliner threw a minor error message
  • Fixed: Very old blockbench models were missing some newer data flags and thus didn't load properly
  • Fixed: Models without animations threw an error when loading

Also, thanks to: Darwin, Max^, kalebbroo, sharklaserss on Discord for helping with reference models, testing, ideas, etc

ALSO: There are now Feature Targets listed as an option request for any contributors to help solve:
  • Major: The C# resource pack generator is now gone - DModels is now 100% script based, including for model loading.
  • Internal: The script has been split into multiple files and organized.
  • Internal: A lot of cleanup and documentation work has been done.
  • Added: There are now tracking_range control options in the config and spawn task
  • Added: There is now a fake_to option on the spawn task.
Also, special thanks to @Max^ for PR #7 which implemented the script version of the animation loader, and for pushing an interest in expanding and empowering DModels, with more feature PRs planned and addon projects already in the works!
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Reactions: Kalebbroo and Max^
- Fixed: X rotations needed to be inverted
- Fixed: Scale was a bit off
- Fixed: Bone initial rotation values were lost during animations
- Improved: Maximum scale limit is now roughly twice as large
- Improved: animations now use a few tricks to synchronize the rotation with position a bit closer, still not quite there though
Fixed: Several issues with texture name parsing
Fixed: Outliner rotations were ignored
Fixed: Texture resolution and UV resolution were mixed up