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dCreative 1.1.0

Very convenient tool - these are the thoughts I had using this script:
- Conveniently organized utilizing categories of items like oceanic, nature, and redstone
- Creates an easy method of obtaining items that can't be obtained without commands such as the new light blocks, the debug stick, barrier blocks, command type blocks, etc
- I like that this creates a convenient method of obtaining any Denizen item scripts on my server, however I know that some of these items can create problems when used in the wrong inventories or out of place depending on what event script switches I have tied to them
- There's a single gap at the top of the main menu in the 6th slot and it triggers me
- I really like the shortcut system for creating saved inventories because i'm terrible at using my own creative gamemode saved hotbars and it's four times as much saved items, very convenient

Despite any negative thoughts I had, I like this a lot and would still rate it 5/5
Wow! Exactly what every server needs! You can see all the denizen items and so on! Love it!!!!!