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dCreative 1.1.3

  • Added missing 1.19+ blocks.
  • Added 1.20+ blocks.
  • The search now uses a virtual anvil inventory, in which the user can rename the item to search.
  • Light blocks will display properly again.
  • Potions which can't be extended and upgraded will display properly.
  • dCreative will listen to prevention plugins to prevent players from breaking blocks when they have no permission todo that.
  • The search is now per_player. If two players opened a search, they won't collide anymore.
  • Inventory pages won't get updated anymore, if the page is still open for longer than a minute.
  • Break handling was slightly changed. You probably won't even notice.
  • 1.19 items were added. This script will only work in 1.19+. (goat_horns aren't added yet, but you can obtain one via search)