Workbench Inventory not working in 1.12.2 ?


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I searched a lot and I figured this might also help others:

I wrote a script for a help menu which provides useful information about the custom aspects of my server. One menu is the customitems section which I provided with scripts like:

  type: inventory 
  debug: true
  inventory: WORKBENCH
    Eisen: "i@iron_ingot"
# - " Outcome 1 2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9"
  - "[i@chain] [Eisen] [Eisen] [Eisen] [Eisen] [i@air] [Eisen] [Eisen] [Eisen] [Eisen]"

This script is executed if someone clicks in the help menu on the item. The Helpmenu (Inventory GUI) closes and the workbench inventory opens. On Version 1.11.2 everthing worked fine. Since yesterday I am on 1.12.2 and the inventory opens but is empty. I installed Build [Denizen] Loading Denizen v1.0.2-SNAPSHOT (build 1644).

I am sure, I have overseen a change here and there is a quick fix, I can not figure out by myself. Please help me to get this working again. Thank you for your time, you spent on reading this =)

I forgot to say, that there are no errors or anything weird in debug: true messages


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So, I got other "Bugs" I do not know how to fix them:

I got a menu for managing bankaccounts. I have a item defined for this called itembank:

  type: item
  material: "chest"
  display name: "<red>Zugang zur Itembank"
  - "<yellow>Öffne ein Konto für sehr Wertvolle Items"
  - "<yellow>Erst ab Rang VIP kannst Du die Itembank"
  - "<yellow>über <red>/itembank open <yellow>öffnen,"
  - "<yellow>ab Erlauber kannst Du sie hier erreichen!"
  - "<red>/zp gem info - für mehr Informationen!"

with material: chest the slot where the Item should be in the inventory gui is blank. Only lore is displayed and clicking also works. If I change "chest" to "ender_chest" the item is shown correctly. If I change "chest" to 54 (what is the id of chest in numbers) the same happens, the item will not be shown. I think this might be connected to my crafting helpmenu problem?