Tiny Sample Scripts To Start With


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This is a collection of small/simple sample scripts that do little things, and aren't necessarily perfect or clearly documented.
Some of these you can drop in and use straight away, but most are meant for the assumption that will you use them as a basis and tweak them further from there - at the very least, doing a bit of configuration.

Fake-Sneak Examples
NPC Names automatically go into sneak when you're out of range: https://paste.denizenscript.com/View/88708
NPC Names that are always fake-sneaking: https://one.denizenscript.com/haste/80163
(the majority of these scripts' length is just compensating for hologram name stuff)

Useful To Players In-Game
Double Doors (when you place two wooden doors together, you can click either of the two doors to have them both open at once, rather than having to do it separately) https://paste.denizenscript.com/View/86438

General / Systems
Smart daily auto-restart (will restart at a scheduled time each day, but give a 30 minute warning period, with increasingly strong warnings, but will restart early if the server is empty ... also prevents players from joining the server at the last minute, also will kick the players a second before shutdown to be safe): https://paste.denizenscript.com/View/102704
Auto-saver (every server should have some auto-saving happening... it's not strictly necessary, but it helps reduce the impact of crashes - this sample script saves Citizens saves and some Denizen data every 30 minutes... you'll want to toss in any other auto saves you need, possibly some - wait 1s lines or similar between them as well): https://one.denizenscript.com/haste/80168
No quick-join (will force players to wait 10 seconds after initial server start before they're able to join, with a pleasant "server is still loading" message - handy to allow things like discord to load) https://paste.denizenscript.com/View/80568
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Jun 18, 2021
Thanks mcmonkey, these are some nice examples of how to do some simple automation and game-play utility scripts. I'm working on replacing a lot of my small basic plugins with Denizen scripts and the Double Doors one was on my list! (This one was definitely a bit more tricky then I expected.)
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