Stopping a sign from breaking


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Sep 25, 2019
Hello, I'm trying to make a "gravestone" system (Kinda like the old Runescape gravestones, where you can re-claim your items if you manage to return to the location in time), but I'm having some problems with keeping the "gravestones" from breaking.

The issue I'm having is that if a creeper blows up, the gravestone will get blown up (Probably the same goes for TNT and other explosions, or the block burning), so I was wondering if there is a way to check if the sign is being block-updated with an event, or if someone has an idea for how to prevent it from breaking (preferably I don't want it to randomly float, and also prefer there not to be obsidian involved)

- KoBro


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You basically have to listen to *every* applicably event (player breaks block, entity explodes, ...) and for that matter listens to the block *below* the sign breaking as well.