Second degree


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Jun 3, 2021
Dear Mr. Monkey,
I already sent my minion to pass my message but I prefer talking directly:

I mentionned le second degré but I didn't explain what it exactly is.
Because English isn't my first language, i'll let someone for whom it is explain for me: This is How You Know You’re Fluent in French
This article explain way better than i could have done where's the source of the confusion we've had.

I believe it is necessary to clarify things: I'm not an asshole (or at least I don't think so), I don't intentionally do bad things and above all, I'm not a murderer.
I would never send something that could even maybe potentially in some rare case kill someone by, for example, a seizure. The sticker was a mistake, I agree with you that the name could potentially lead to confusion about my intentions, but I didn't notice it. When I added this reaction in the bottom of the change log, I was adding every single colorful animated sticker I had available. I wasn't thinking about the color flash, I was looking for colors.
Then few people added this reaction too, nobody talked about it and I forgot about its existence until today.

When you said that you deleted this reaction, I sent "shame on you" - a typical case of second degré - and threw the sticker again because I still didn't think that an actual seizure could happen from this gif. And to be more specific, this is at this time I noticed the name, :seizure:. I thought that you having some headache because of this sticker was some second degré too, a metaphor to say "hey, this sticker is ugly and annoying, let's remove it". I didnt add an evil, dangerous sticker. I added an annoyingly funny sticker. Or at least I thought it was funny.

I hope you understand and trust me when I say I didnt mean to be mean,
I'm spending hours each day working on Denizen and there's no reason I would spoil this with something that stupid.

Again, I'm sorry for the confusion,