Request: Slayer Master!


New member
Nov 5, 2016
I came up with this idea to expand from one of the users in the IRC.

A GUI menu that has these options:

- Get task: Get a random kill task for any mob. (This will be weighted to a low or high amount depending on your Slayer Level)

- View Task: View your current task, see how many kills you need and how many you have, the GUI item will be the head of the monster you are killing

- View Level: This will open another GUI menu that will populate a chest full of diamonds/emeralds depending on your level, i.e level 1 will only show 1 diamond the rest will be barrier blocks, level 30 will have 30 diamonds and the rest will be barriers. Each level will be increasingly harder to get and require more tasks to complete. I think this should be with an exponential function.

- View Tip: A piece of paper as an item, this will give you tips and information about your current task