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Polygon Selector Tool: a handy dandy tool to select and note polygons from in-game!

(Yeah, just the cuboid selector, but for polygons)

Featuring a super simple and clear in-game polygon viewing thingo:


Hastebin: https://paste.denizenscript.com/View/83014 <-- Most users, just click here and click "Download the script"

GitHub: https://github.com/mcmonkeyprojects/DenizenSampleScripts/blob/master/polygon_tool.dsc

# Installation:
# Just put the script in your scripts folder and reload.
# Usage:
# Type command "/ptool" to get a polygon selector tool.
# While holding the tool, left click to start a selection and right click to expand the selection.
# Requires permission "polygontool.pool"
# Use "/pheight (y)" to expand the Y range of the polygon.
# Requires permission "polygontool.pheight"
# Use "/pnote [name]" to note your selected polygon as the name. For example, "/pnote myshop" adds noted polygon 'myshop'.
# Requires permission "polygontool.pnote"
# Use "/pshow" to show your current polygon selection.
# Requirers permission "polygontool.pshow"
# In a script or "/ex" command, use "<player.has_flag[ptool_selection]>" to check if the player has a selection.
# and "<player.flag[ptool_selection]>" to get the selected polygon.
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