New Text Tutorials in the Making!


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Oct 3, 2017
Hi there! It's your friendly neighborhood helper, suspic, with some kinda-good news.

We're in the process of compiling a new text tutorial! You can see what we have of it here:

The current objective with the text tutorial is to cover all of the same topics as the videos, found here:

As the text tutorial becomes more fleshed out, more updated or new information will be added. It will also most likely be kept up-to-date with all modern Denizen features and syntax changes.

Happy scripting!
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Your Progress is amazing! I wish someone has done this earlier as I started to learn Denizen. The Videos of McMonkey helped a lot, but I was always the reader type regarding learning new stuff and had hard times to learn Denizen with a Videos. Keep up the work, I am sure this will help many many many new users =)