HIRING Need GOOD Quest Scripter For Main Quest

The poster owns a server and wants to hire a Denizen scripter.


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May 27, 2021
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Topic Title: Fairy Tail Online is HIRING Quest Scripters with advanced level of skill!

Hi, I'm NoVPN, owner of Fairy Tail Online, the greatest Anime Server since the great Mineplex of 1963.

My discord id is NoVPN#5717.

We're looking to hire a Quest Scripter! We've got lore constantly being updated for our awesome Minecraft RPG server!
We're running Minecraft 1.16.5 at mc.fairytail.online (IN DEV)

We require roughly advanced skill level here (you gotta know how to do cinematics, move the npcs and blocks and have them do certain things), and are willing to pay $20/hour over paypal to the scripter that is able to work at a fair pace (not familiar with questing and unsure how long it would take for the main quest.)

Our first quest idea is roughly as follows:
- The Introduction will be of a past memory for the player. You are trying to wake up and remember, so you go through previous experiences that the lore explains until you wake up at a train station in Magnolia.
- Then talk to a Greeter NPC after arriving in Magnolia which directs you to the cathedral.
- At the cathedral you talk to a Sister NPC, which explains lore about the god they worship where you meet a strange npc which prompts you to go to a park.
- At the park, you meet a florist and help her retrieve flowers.
- When you come back, you bump into an NPC which has dialogue and proceeds to walk off.
- The player gives the flowers to the florist when you find two npcs talking about something. you start walking towards them but get an idea before you get close enough to ask.
- NPC 1 Questions who NPC 2 is, which he promptly lies. NPC 1 Sees this and walks away.
- A Crowd of npcs start following NPC1 for being rude to NPC 2
- NPC 2 Proceeds to announce a party at his yacht.
I have a bunch more addons WIP for the main quest with similar complexity levels we'd also like made if you're willing to continue after the first job is done!