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======================= Denizen Forum Hiring Section Info =======================

If you are a server owner looking to hire a scripter or you are a scripter offering your services, you can post a topic in this section.

If you are interested in posting in this section, you are looking to make serious financial agreements. Please read all the information below before posting... if you can't be bothered reading this all, you are not taking the concept seriously, and you are not ready to enter any financial agreements here.

If you are interested in hiring a scripter that has posted, or in offering your scripting services to a server that has posted,
please @ ping the poster in the Denizen discord #scripter-hiring section to check if someone is still needed, and for initial discussion.
Once you have agreed to work together, you may move discussion to DMs or another discord as preferred.
It is strongly recommended to hold all initial discussion, particularly including pricing discussion, in the public channel so that experienced users can help prevent you from getting scammed by a smooth-talking liar. (Over-charging scripters and under-paying server owners are both very common).

Note: to access the #scripter-hiring Discord channel, you must click the 'Yes' button on the pinned message in that channel.

======================= Safety =======================

In the interest of avoiding being scammed, I strongly recommend the following method to all server owners and scripters involved in paid work:
  • Step 0: Both parties discuss general details and payment plan, and agree to the work
  • Step 1: The server owner writes a full detailed description of what's required for the hired scripter to based their work on
  • Step 2: The scripter then writes the script to the specification of the server owner (asking questions whenever unclear) on the scripter's own testing server
  • Step 3: The server owner joins that testing server, and tries out the script on that server, giving any feedback regarding issues or improvements to make (return to step 2 whenever adjustments are needed)
  • Step 4: When the server owner is happy with the script, the server owner pays and the scripter confirms that the money was received
  • Step 5: The scripter sends a copy of the script to the server owner to use
  • Step 6: The scripter provides any necessary support with setting up the script on the server owner's own server. The scripter should also provide follow-up fixes or improvements to the script if issues occur during setup.
The reason for this method is that it prevents either side from scamming - the server owner doesn't have the script until they pay (preventing no-pay and run-away scammers), and the scripter isn't paid until they've done the work (preventing get-paid and do nothing scammers).

Hiring is allowed to be either for one single script, or for a longer term job (ie, the scripter joins the server team as a regular developer, contributing multiple separate scripts over time).
In the latter case of long-term hiring, I would recommend doing exactly one script initially, for both parties to gauge how well you work together, before making a longer-time hiring decision.

======================= General Tips =======================

  • Paypal is preferred for most payment handling. Make sure both parties are able to use the same payment handling service before you get too far into anything. Be sure to always use the "pay for goods and services" option in paypal, never the "send to friends and family".
  • If you're a server owner and you can't afford much you might not want to post in this section until you can. Generally you're going to be paying at least $15 if not more for scripts... if that's out of your range, you might be better off learning to script yourself, or trying to solicit free help in the free discussion channels.
  • If you're a scripter but you don't have much experience, please don't post until you gather that experience. You're not ready to be paid if you need to follow tutorials to achieve anything. Lower skill levels are allowed (for very simple script hirings), but absolute beginners should hold off for a while.
  • After a job is completed, please post a reply to the topic summarizing your experience working with the poster (give them a review, basically).

======================= Pricing Tips =======================

Pricing can vary by wide margins by who is involved, but as a general guideline:
  • For simple scripts (eg. an NPC quest, a "/home" command system, ...) around $15 per hour of work is considered fair.
  • For more advanced scripts (eg. a complicated boss NPC to fight, a large land management system) around $30 per hour of work might be better.
  • You can also mix-and-match (eg. an NPC quest that *includes* a complicated boss fight) where you pay for 2 hours at $15 and 2 hours at $30, for example. (For 4 hours total of work).
  • Subsequent work with the same scripter working on similar things (eg. more NPC quests, after having already written one for you) might be cheaper just due to less time spent (as there's less time spent on figuring out the interaction between scripter and server, and the script can be at least in part copy-pasted).
  • In some cases (particularly simple / repetitive work) the biggest thing you're getting from the scripter is time spent working for you... in that case, pricing by time makes the most sense. In other cases (particularly complex work) the scripter's primary contribution is actual skill - in that case, pricing may be better based on the value of the script made (as a truly skilled scripter might take 20 minutes to do what a moderately skilled scripter needs several hours to do - pricing by time would be unfair and a bit backwards, giving more pay for the worse result).

======================= Rules =======================

In general:
  • Please don't post replies to topics other than a review after having worked with the user.
  • Do not post multiple topics. One topic per server that is hiring, one topic per scripter-for-hire. Multiple hiring jobs from the same person go in the same topic.

There are multiple rules that should be followed for each type of topic.

For both types of topics:
  • You must post the topic here on the forum. If you don't post and instead just ask on the Discord, you will receive a warning through the mod bot.
  • Your topic title should clearly indicate if you are Hiring a scripter or you are a Scripter offering your script-writing services for hire.
  • If you can't do payments via paypal, please clearly indicate that in your post and indicate your preferred payment method.
  • Your topic body must contain approximate pricing details. You don't necessarily need a specific number, but give a rough range of what you'd like to pay/be paid and what you'd be willing to pay/be paid (for example, as a server owner you might want to pay $15 for a script but be willing to pay $25 if a script is done particularly well. As a scripter you might be willing to work $15/hour for simple scripts and $30/hour for advanced ones). The exact details of the price can be discussed while making the agreement to work.
  • Please do not post multiple topics, even if you have multiple jobs for hire or your status changes. Please just edit new details into the main topic body.
  • If you topic is no longer active (you're not hiring / offering anymore at the moment) please edit your topic title to include the word Inactive, to avoid confusion.
  • Please include your Discord name#id in your post. You must be in the Denizen discord so that users can @ ping you there.

For Hiring topics, or those that hire a scripter:
  • First, legality: Your server must be a legal (online-mode) server. Cracked servers are not welcome here. For more info see
  • Your server must be running latest or second-to-latest server version (at time of writing, that is MC 1.17.1 and 1.16.5 - when 1.18 is released, that will be 1.18 and 1.17.1, no longer allowing 1.16.5... similar as more releases come) (outdated subrevisions, such as 1.16.3 instead of 1.16.5, are never allowed... you MUST be on the latest sub-revision, as is a base requirement for support in general)
  • You must have a server you properly own. That means "free" servers and in general servers that restrict things like uploading your own server jar are not acceptable
  • You must be willing to update your Spigot/Paper release as needed (to the latest revision within your current minecraft version)
  • You must be willing to update any plugins as needed (especially, of course, to the latest builds of Denizen)
  • Your topic body must contain a full description of the work you need done. If you want a script written, you should include as much details as reasonable. For example, if it's an NPC quest type of script, you should include details like "the NPC will teleport you to a dungeon" or "the NPC should have particle effects around it" or anything else like that. You would not in that case need to include specific dialogue or lore details to the topic body (though you will need to be able to send such additional details to a scripter once you've agreed to work with them). The most important thing to go for here is giving a clear impression of the complexity of the work needed (both in terms of skill level of the scripter, and length of time the scripter will need to spend working on it) (skill level would be example: any scripter, scripters with basic experience, very advanced scripters with many years of experience, or anything like that - the question you should ask yourself, is this something you could figure out yourself but don't want to spend the time, or is it something that only a scripter with lots of experience/skill could even figure out how to do).

For Scripters who get hired or offer themselves for hiring:
  • Please do reasonable due diligence to ensure any server trying to hire you follows the rules for servers hiring listed above. If a server tries to hire you but breaks any of these rules, please report them (on the forum via report button, or on Discord by @ pinging any staff).
  • Please include in your topic body your skill level. Give a quick overview of how comfortable you feel writing scripts, what the most advanced scripts you've written are and how well they work. Also include how long it generally takes you to write normal scripts. Links to samples of scripts you've written in the past (that you feel are exemplary of your work) are encouraged.
  • Please include in your topic body what your future support offer is. That is: what you're willing to do for a server after the initial work is done. For example, you might offer lifetime bug fixes (should any bugs in the script appear) and Minecraft version updates (if a minecraft update breaks the script, you'll fix it) but require further payment to develop any new features in the future. You might alternately choose to offer no guarantee, and leave hirers on their own after the initial job is done. Or, anywhere in between - it's up to you, just be sure to specify in advance what your policy is.
  • For any script work you take on, you must be able to achieve it. If you need to ask for help (from other scripters/helpers, or reviewing tutorials) you are not ready to take on the hired script. If you've already agreed to do prior to realizing that you need help... apologize to the hirer and inform them that you are not able to complete their request.
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======================= Sample Hiring Topic =======================

Topic Title: mcmonkeyland servers is HIRING NPC quest scripters with at least a little experience!

Hi, I'm mcmonkey, owner of mcmonkeyland servers, the greatest sample server network since the great example network of 1963.

My discord id is mcmonkey#6666.

We're looking to hire an NPC quest scripter or two! We've got lots of great ideas for NPC quests on our awesome Minecraft RPG server!
We're running Minecraft 1.17.1 at

We require roughly average skill level here (you gotta know how to write scripts already, but we won't ask you to do anything crazy), and are willing to pay $20/hour over paypal to scripters that are able to work at a fair pace (each quest should take 1 to 3 hours to complete).

Our first quest idea is roughly as follows:
- Players can encounter the NPC in the spawn area, who will be visible to players only if they haven't yet completed the quest.
- They can click on the NPC and talk to him. He'll tell players about a dungeon area to go save his son from!
- The players can journey to the dungeon, where they'll fight through some bandits (we'll of course build the dungeon ourselves, and spawn some Sentinel NPCs to serve as the bandits, so don't worry about that)
- At the end of the dungeon, the players will encounter the son, and talk to him, and tell him they're rescuing him.
- The NPC will follow the players out (it needs to be a unique NPC for each player, so multiple players can play at once)
- The players can take the NPC back to town and return him to the original NPC dad guy, who will be happy and reward you with some cool items.

I can give you the full details on agreement.
We have a bunch more quest ideas like that with similar complexity levels which we'd also like built if you're willing to continue doing more after the first job is done!
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======================= Sample Scripter Topic =======================

Topic Title: (SCRIPTER) mcmonkey is the cooliest scripterer!

My discord id is mcmonkey#6666.

I'm available to work on scripts for your server!

I'm pretty skilled, I've written a ton of awesome scripts like Denizzlin and Magic Sidebar
In the past I've written some pretty big scripts like dSentry

I charge $30 per hour for simple scripts, and $50 per hour for advanced scripts. Time counts will be rounded up to the next hour (so 30 minutes counts as one hour for payment, not half an hour).
Don't worry, I work very fast - I can do in one hour what many scripters need three hours to do - and I'll do it better!

I offer lifetime bug fixes and updates for any scripts after our work is done! I charge my standard rate for adding new features though.
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