Menus: the GUIs are redundant. Searching an idea!


Aug 7, 2016
Hey people,

Today I want to talk about thoses GUIs (Graphical User Interface, a.k.a Inventory Menus). I don't know if it's just me who do them in an ugly way, but I feel like they are cool at first, but after a while they are a little redundant.

I'm searching ideas on how to face that problem. In the perfect world, I would use them combined with a little sort of scroll/click menu (read: having options on an item without completely changing the inventory displayed).

Is there a way to (even partially) satisfied my needs or am I too picky in that?


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Aug 6, 2016
Theres a few different click types you can detect, incuding regular click, shift click, clicking an item onto the item, etc. And there is the ability to change specific items in an inventory without changing the rest using the inventory command.

You could make a regular click change the item that was clicked to the next available option, and allow them to cycle through a list by clicking, and only have them select the presented option by shift clickin