Introducing the Bounty Program

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Jun 8, 2019
Introducing bounties

The Denizen Scripting Bounty Program (the "Bounty Program") is an ongoing project run by the Denizen Helper Team to incentivize community members to practice their scripting skills and to create scripts for the benefit of the public.

Scripts submitted to claim a bounty must follow Denizen best practices, be clearly commented, and must satisfy each of the specific requirements posted with the bounty at issue.

Bounties can come in one of two basic forms - races and repeatable claims.

Race bounties

The purpose of the race bounty program is to incentivize fast-paced, high-quality scripting efforts by participants, either due to a need in the community or as a fun opportunity for competition. Race bounties may be converted to a repeatable claim once the race period has expired, but this will not always be the case.

When a race bounty is posted, the relevant awards will be given only to the first (or first few) scripters to satisfy the bounty's requirements. The race bounty will specify the minimum standards that must be satisfied by any submissions, and both the poster of a race bounty and the Helper Team always reserve the right to require fair revisions or add new requirements to the minimum standard that must be satisfied to ensure that the winning submission(s) are worthy of a bounty and that the Bounty Program is encouraging high-quality scripting efforts.

While race bounties may be posted less frequently, it is the goal of the Helper Team to provide prizing (in both recognition and actual prizes) when race bounties are posted to help build excitement for the program and to provide extra incentives for participation.

Repeatable claim bounties

The repeatable claim bounty program is designed to encourage the submission of high-quality scripts that are useful both for the practice in designing the script and for actual drop-in use (either with little to no modification or as a base template for expansion) by members of the community. The bounty program also encourages the submission of scripts that are clearly commented and properly documented as part of the Helper Team's initiative to improve the scripting practices of the community.

When scripts are submitted for repeatable claim bounties, members of the Helper Team will review the submissions to determine whether they have satisfied the bounty's requirements. When a user submits a script that is deemed to meet the requirements of the bounty, they will have their name and script added to the list of successful claimants.

Further, the Helper Team will maintain an entry of the highest-quality submission for each particular bounty, and each new or revised submission will be evaluated to determine whether it is the highest-quality submission for that bounty. This means that even if a bounty has been posted quite a while ago, new scripters could claim the top submission status for that bounty by submitting a high-quality script. The goal of maintaining highest-quality submission designations for each bounty is to ensure that the Bounty Program helps to establish a library of high-quality scripts that are useful for the community.

Bounty rewards

Based on the complexity of each bounty and the expected requirements for submissions, the Helper Team will designate a Bounty Point value for each bounty. Successful claimants of bounties will accrue Bounty Points, which will be maintained on a leaderboard for the public to see. The Helper Team also reserves the right to issue bonus Bounty Point awards for submissions of considerable quality, especially where a new submission for a repeatable claim significantly overtakes the existing highest-quality submission for that bounty.

Bounty Points will exist only as a cosmetic value and will not be redeemable in any format. However, additional rewards specific to each bounty may be awarded at the discretion of the Helper Team.

Posting bounties

Bounties will be posted by the Helper Team to ensure that the Team remains the ability to manage the Bounty's requirements as necessary. However, any user may suggest or sponsor a bounty. Contact a member of the Helper Team if you'd like to request a specific bounty posting or if you'd like to sponsor a race bounty with prizing.

Bounty Leaderboard

Click here for the Bounty Leaderboard.
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