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I am n0nnie, also known as micazoid (if you are into sourcemod boards also). I am from Munich Germany. English was never my strongest subject in school, I had always bad grades. I learned to write in this language and to participate in boards by reading boards for server and computer related stuff, watching sitcoms in English like "That 70ies Show" and with talking to tourists in Munich. So my English might not be the best, but I hope everyone here can understand me. Furthermore I am NOT meaning to insult someone, with my writing. Please keep in mind, that I am not a native speaker and that I might have mispelled something, before you are insulted.

Why this Post now? Over two years since the last?
First: I was on the discord and there were many cool people arround, who helped me a lot with my first steps with Denizen. I watched the tutorial videos and learned a lot. But I always felt a little out of place on discord. Chatting in a foreign language is difficult for me and I wished that somewhere in the WWW was a board, where you can get help and have nice "conversations" without the stress to keep up with the pace of native speakers. I think I have found this here.

Second: hmmcrunchy introduced me to the world of Denizen. He might not know, but he impressed me very much with his server. The well written NPCs, the tiny tweaks he has written and also his nice conversations impressed me and I wanted to have such cool features on my server. So I started to learn Denizen. It was hard, but now I am proud about of what I have achieved so far. I will try to improve myself in Denizen even further, since this is so powerful and gets me arround of learning Java.

Third: I was hoping to get help here. I got it.
Now I want to help other guys. Here. For not native speakers a Chat like discord is some sort of terrifying and they will choose a board like this over a chat. A chat is maybe quicker, but I think there are many who are "scared", like me. I know mcmonkey and all the others are very helpful and it was always a good talk to them, but please keep in mind, that many Denizen users might be afraid of joining the Discord in the first place. So I want to see, if I can help those users her in this board.

But enough about my lack of language skills and more about me.
I am 36 (since January 2019), I do have two kids, a loving wife, who is also enjoying Minecraft, and my time is spare. I started playing Minecraft in 2011 and I am trying to play Minecraft as often as I can. The playing involves writing scripts for me. I started Denizen back in 2017 (I think) and I love it. My server is online since 2014 (I think? I started it as a Lanserver for me and my wife and on some point we decided to take it online) and has 20 slots. Since this is a very small server, I can do anything I want. And I do =)

Some scripts I wrote are:
- Mobcatcher as you can see here (I started to rewrite this)
- Broadcasters
- A Money, XP and Itembank complete with yaml storage and Admincommands
- ATM Machines with signs
- Helpmenus
- Rankup Structure
- Townwatch (Wandering NPCs who kill mobs and jail ppl with certain flags)
- Races for a RPG like feelilng (using MCMMMO, every race has different core skills which are leveling faster, unique Items, race specific Tags and Chatcolors)
- Mechanics like food is only consumeable, if you are sitting
- and many more, which are either rewritten in a better way or are dumped


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Oct 3, 2017
Hi. Been lurking a bit, never quite got around to this, decided I'd spend some time breathing what little life into this little thread :)

I am suspic, also "suspicbot" on the Denizen Discord. I'm currently 18, soon to be 19, and I live somewhere in the north parts of the East Coast of the USA. I have a lot of scripts that I want to write, but college is fun :)

I'm currently a Helper, and I do like to write little fun scripts in what little time I have between homework and more homework. I've been at this for about 2 years, I believe? On and off, obviously, but I think a fair few people who I've worked for can attest to my current, and growing, skill set.

Aaaand that's a wrap. A good bot doesn't give out more information that it needs to. After all, I'm aaaaaaaall close sourced! (not really, I like open source projects).

Cya later


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Sep 3, 2021
hello everyone,
my name is jonathan and I am 25 years old, from spain!

I'm starting with denizen scripts, as I see that it is a more complex way than the current plugins.

I started a couple of days ago with the scripts and I already have several created as the change of city by NPC for towny, assigning global events to zones and so on!

I have experience in Html, Javascript and sql ...

I am working on a minecraft earth something different based on real life, and to complete the server after several months I have decided to start with denizen to complete it.

greetings to all :)