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Common sense rules apply.

Forum administration will enforce rules at each administrator's discretion.

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Rules list, as adapted from the Discord rules list:

There's a basic set of rules you can guarantee apply to basically any public chatroom, and they of course apply here:
- Don't be a dick to people (way out-of-line insults, continual intentional annoyance after being asked to stop, etc.)
- Don't spam (nonsense posts or advertisements)
- Don't troll (at least not with harmful intent. If you're just being silly and everyone's having a good time, that's fine)
- Don't do anything in here that would get you banned from any other reasonable public Forum (criminal posting, extremely nsfw posting, etc.)
And, of course, if any helpers or developers tell you something... Listen. Their word is law - anything they say as a clear instruction is now a rule that applies to you until stated otherwise, and if they've told you to stop something that means stop.
You are welcome to discuss the rule made as much as you wish, but if you break the rule you are given by any helper or developer again, that is banworthy.
And obviously for this specific forum: we do not support anyone involved in minecraft hacking/cracking. This includes any offline-mode servers.
Also, be aware that editing/deleting posts is there for a specific reason, and going outside of this reason in some cases may be considered rude or annoying. Examples of highly problematic editing/deleting include:
- After people have already replied to your post
- Altering a significant portion of a post (changing the meaning of it entirely)

Examples of when it is okay to edit/delete are limited to:
- Correcting a small typo in a recent post
- Removing an unintentional post very shortly after posting it (EG meant to post elsewhere)
- Updates to the OP (opening post) of a topic (to add current information, or whatever naturally applies)
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