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This topic exists to track feature suggestions that were rejected from official planning, but you want to see happen.

If you have a suggestion that fits this description, post it below.

* NOTE: Ask on Discord first! Most feature suggestions are either accepted immediately or tracked on the official planned features trackers. This topic is only for suggestions that were rejected (eg features are infeasible for the current state of Denizen).
Features that were rejected as fundamentally impossible to ever implement should not be posted here.

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Aug 6, 2016
Roskilde, Sjælland, Denmark


Some APIs use Sockets for live-tracking events and communicating, wouldn't it be nice to have a direct denizen handler for this?

For easier usage in Denizen, the implementation should support both Socket & WebSocket & possibly other common protocols.
This feature is not currently implemented due to the low-level complexity and the current state of Denizen; having only BinaryTag from the low-level features.

My primary idea for using this was to make use of StreamLabs's API WebSockets. The current alternative is to make a third-application bridge/converter between WebSocket & HTTP Requests.