WorldGuard Converter

WorldGuard Converter 1.0.3

Denizen Version
This script helps you to convert WorldGuardRegions into useable Denizen notables. You need Depenizen to run this script.

Follow the relevant guide page if you don't know what notables are.

/wgtodenizen all to convert all regions on the server.
/wgtodenizen world <world> to convert all regions in a specific world.
/wgtodenizen region <world> <region_name> to convert a single region.

It will NOT delete your worldguard regions.
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Latest updates

  1. Polygon support

    Added support for polygon shaped regions. You need at least Denizen REL-1741 and Depenizen b703.
  2. Support for conversion of all regions from a given world

    This update add the ability to convert all regions in a specific world. (for @Revanrose6 ) Also...

Latest reviews

Worked great! All my WG regions were instantly turned into notable cuboids. Names are also easy to remember.
Worked exactly as stated and converted all of my regions to notables very quickly. Plus Ice was able to add in a feature very quickly that made it even more versatile! Much appreciated!