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TNT Run minigame 1.1.2

Added rate limit to double jump to prevent triple jumping
Changed default pvp_item to wooden_sword (diamond_sword was too OP).
Sidebar title now displays "PVP Run" in pvp mode.
Fixed some log spam for spectating players.
Fixed bug when spectating player used command to leave to hub
Added double jump
Added PvP mode
Now players always spawn facing towards the centre of the game floor
When setting up arenas, World Edit selection now takes priority over the Denizen Area Selector Tool (since the former always follows the latter, but the reverse is not true)
Improved timing when setting gamemode
Bugfix: Previously /tntrun join without an arena name could join an already playing arena
Bugfix: Gamemode spectator was not set properly when joining an already playing arena
Enhancement: Now arena maps can contain entities as well as blocks
Small bugfix: ignore player exits area event if the player is changing worlds (e.g. using /hub command)
Removed some debug output / console spam