Verified High Quality SimpleSit 1.4.1

This script was verified by the Denizen team to be a particularly high quality example of how scripts are written.
  • Player's wont be teleported into the ceiling anymore.
Removed the old redundant debug command and use an entity script instead of spawning plain armor_stands which makes error handling easier, if something breaks.

Added a ratelimit to it, to prevent
A: Players from spamming sit.
B: Players from getting spammed with error messages.

Players who log off while sitting will still sit when they reconnect using Minecrafts vanilla behavior when dealing with mounts.

All in all cleaned the script up and updated old tag-syntax.

This script was also verified as high quality script, yay!

To update, simply replace the old SitScript.dsc file with the new one.
If you're updating from an older version, you should make sure nobody sits while executing /ex reload
armor_stands align immediately now
This update adds a check to prevent players from suffocating in a wall and also two config options for @apademide:

#If false, players can not sit on corner stairs
sit-on-corners: true

#If true, players can sit on any stair even if they can not reach the location
players-reach-any-block: false
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