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GriefPrevention to dPrevention Converter 1.1.0

Denizen Version

A tool which helps you to convert GriefPrevention data to dPrevention.

You must have dPrevention and GriefPrevention installed. Also you need Depenizen installed.

Simply run /gptodp and watch your console!
After the conversion you can safely remove GriefPrevention and should remove this script.

Always remember: do backups before changing data!

It does NOT:
  • delete GriefPrevention claims and data.
  • convert subdivided claims (subdivided claims will be lost, the claim itself will be converted)
  • expand Y to the worlds min and max height, it converts claims as they are
  • add managers to the claim
  • add accessors to the claim
It does:
  • convert claim blocks (from play and bonus, It overrides dPrevention blocks)
  • convert GriefPrevention claims to noted denizen cuboids and create dPrevention claims(adds owner).
  • lets added 'builders' bypass the flags: block-break, block-place, container-access, use
  • lets added 'containers' bypass the flags: container-access
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Latest updates

  1. dPrevention 1.3.0 compat

    Claims will now be passed as AreaObjects to dPrevention. You must use dPrevention 1.3.0 or higher.