Economy - Basics

Economy - Basics 1.01

Denizen Version
This is a very basic economy script meant for those who don't want to go and use other plugins for their economy, examples of these being Essentials and other such plugins.

Installing this script onto your server will setup an economy container which will allow denizen to manage money for other players, I have also included several commands for both players and administrators to use to distribute money to other players.


Tab Complete Engine is a hard requirement for this script!
Vault is a hard requirement for this script!


Some of these commands are for administrators only, please ensure that your trusted administrators have the permission economy.admin.

/economy pay <player> <amount>
This will pay any player online with the supplied amount, as long as the sender has enough money.

/economy balance (top)
Alias: /balance

Check your balance, or alternatively supply the top argument and see a list of the top 10 wealthiest players with the top 3 being ranked by color codes!

/deposit <player> <amount>
Requires permission: economy.admin

Forcefully deposit money into another players account.

/withdraw <player> <amount>
Requires permission: economy.admin

Forcefully withdraw money from another players account.

/set <player> <amount>
Requires permission: economy.admin

Forcefully set the amount of money another player has on their account.


I've allowed for several things to be changed by anyone who can open a text file and change settings.

Currency symbol

You can change the currency symbol by editing the key currency_symbol, this will change how money is displayed as an icon to players during messages.

Currency name

The name of the currency can be changed to anything else such as coins, euros, credits, etc by editing the key currency_name.

Currency name

Plural name of currency can be changed by editing the key currency_plural.
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  1. Plural currency fix.

    Fixed negative numbers not properly displaying plural name for currency.