5x5 Crafting Table

5x5 Crafting Table 1.0.1

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A small script that lets you use a 5x5 crafting table. I have no idea how performant this script is but it works so that's something. Open recipes.dsc to add custom recipes, the format should be pretty self explanatory.
There's a few example recipes in the file, you can safely delete them.

# Doesn't support shapeless atm, I'll probably add shapeless eventually...
# Three formats for items in the recipe:
# Normal - <vanilla/denizen item>:<quantity>
# Flag - flag:<denizen flag>:<value>:<quantity>
# Item - item:<denizen item tag>
# Leaving a blank space means empty
# Flags can be used if you have some custom material that you want to universally allow, for example different types of wood
# Item tags can be used to add recipes for items from other plugins,
# use /getitem (permission is customcrafting.getitem) in game while holding an item and it will give you the tag
# The result option uses the same format as the recipes but can't use flag
# The permission option can be whatever permission you can think of
# You can open the crafting table with /craft (permission is customcrafting.craftcommand)
# If you want to create your own method of opening it, the inventory is called crafting_inventory
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  1. Support for item quantities with flags

    Support for item quantities with flags flag:<flag>:<value>:<quantity>