[INACTIVE] Traditional RPG Mechanics

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[INACTIVE] Traditional RPG Mechanics

Post by withacloud » October 28th, 2020, 8:02 pm

(Hiring) RPG Character sheets
Hello Denizens. I'm trying to run a traditional game, like D&D using minecraft and denizen, emulating the feature set of something like Roll20. I'd like a few mechanics implemented in Denizen. I've already done some scripts myself, but don't have much time to do the rest. My priority is getting character sheets implemented. I'll be updating with more bounties for different mechanics as these get done. Contact me on discord for negotiations!

Character Sheets
There should be two permission tiers, regular 'users' and 'privileged users'
Regular users should be able to:
-create custom stats ("Strength 5; Name Balthazar")
-submit their own 'stats' to a server side database
-view their stats at any time

Permissioned users should be able to:
-assign npcs and player stats
-display the stats of any entity that has stats
-grant these permissions to regular users

Payment Types:
- Paypal
- Bitcoin

- DagOfBicks#3241

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