(Hiring) Mythic Mobs Spawning Mechanic

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(Hiring) Mythic Mobs Spawning Mechanic

Post by Kiryll » June 23rd, 2020, 5:38 pm

Hey yall!
Im looking for someone to make a Mythic Mobs Spawning Mechanic Script. The goal is to be able to create Notable Cuboids in which a Mythic Mob/ or multiple will spawn at specified intervals with a maximum amount that can spawn per notable cuboid.

Things Im looking for in this script:
- Being able to specify a maximum amount of the specified mythic mob in the cuboid.
- Spawning only begins when a player has entered the region.
- mobs only spawn on blocks and not in the air.
- I am able to replicate the script/section of the script for an infinite amount of different mobs.
- The ability to choose how often the mythic mob spawns

Things I don't need:
- No need to make a system to create the notable cuboids, as I know how to do it/ am using the cnote script to make notable cuboids.
- You don't have to make it configurable in game as long as you explain to me how the script works, so I can replicate it for the addition of more mythic mobs.

Payment: 20-40 dollars for the completion of the script

Payment Types:
- Venmo
- Paypal
- Bank Transfer

- Kiryll #5295

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