Gamemode Inventories

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Gamemode Inventories

Post by bear » May 12th, 2020, 5:43 pm

Here's a simple script thrown together and scraped of some other pieces I use for my dEssentials package: Gamemode Inventories!

This concept was one of my first scripts inspired by what I believe was originally marked as a "Premium" plugin at the time. I believe something this simple should be free. When a player changes between gamemodes, their inventories are saved and swapped accordingly to that inventory's saved inventory.

The raw code:

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  type: world
  debug: false
    on player changes gamemode:
      - flag player gamemode.inventory.<player.gamemode>:!|:<player.inventory.list_contents>
      - inventory clear
      - if <player.has_flag[gamemode.inventory.<context.gamemode>]>:
        - inventory set d:<player.inventory> o:<player.flag[gamemode.inventory.<context.gamemode>]>
Alternatively, here's the link to the script in a haste: Click me!

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Re: Gamemode Inventories

Post by mcmonkey » May 12th, 2020, 10:19 pm

Note that this script isn't "secure", ie servers that want to prevent creative items being given to survival players cannot rely on this alone (as obviously a creative player could just drop an item or similar).
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