[PreChunk] Pregenerate your map!

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[PreChunk] Pregenerate your map!

Post by Icecapade » May 12th, 2020, 12:34 pm

PreChunk is a script which pre-generates your map.

The center is the coordinate 0,0.
It generates square maps.

It will pause until your TPS are higher than 18. Also you can increase the wait time on line 36 if you're receiving lag.

Syntax: /prechunk [size] [world]

A size of 16 correspond to a map of 32x32 chunks -> 1.024x1.024 blocks.

Size table:
[size] [chunks] [blocks]
16 | 32x32 | 512x512
32 | 64x64 | 1.024x1.024
64 | 128x128 | 2.048x2.048
128 | 256x256 | 4.096x4.096
256 | 512x512 | 8.192x8.192


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