Advanced Brewing 0.2

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Advanced Brewing 0.2

Post by Evanir » January 23rd, 2020, 9:10 am

I wrote this script as a brewing enhancement for my players, it was been through some light testing and has some notable bugs but features it includes are:
  • Added unused potion effects
  • Written basic guide in menu
  • Up to 5 (configurable) levels of duration/strength stacking
  • Impurity (Secondary Effect) System
  • Use Milk to reduce impurity chance
  • Random Potion Colors
It's my first big script so any advice/reviews would be appreciated. It's a WIP so it will be being updated.

*Edit: Refactored much of the script, should be less hacky and more reliable now. Also disabled debug.
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Re: Advanced Brewing 0.2

Post by mcmonkey » January 23rd, 2020, 4:26 pm

- If your script is complete / ready to go / ready to share publicly, add "debug: false" to each container. You don't want to spam the debug console of everybody who tries to use it!
- You have lines like - if <context.cursor_item> == <item[blaze_powder]>: which are considered a common mistake and is listed at ... aw-objects ... please make the corrections that guide explains.
- You have a take line *before* a wait in an inventory event, a few times. This causes problems as described here: ... n%20events
- You can clear up the "determine cancelled" spam by just cancelling the general event with a farther along priority ("on player clicks in brew_menu priority:100:")
- Please use to share scripts.
- Meta bot's script scan comes up mostly clean but has: Minor Warnings: On line 179, 193: Pointless quotes (arguments quoted but do not contain spaces).
- Most of your choose command usages are better replaced by "yaml_key" tag usage.
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