(INACTIVE) Hiring a Scripter for NPC/SENTINELS

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(INACTIVE) Hiring a Scripter for NPC/SENTINELS

Post by Stephen_GFX » December 28th, 2019, 4:32 am

Greetings lad, we are seeking for a script for citizens/sentinels for our survival/dungeons server.

To begin with, we would like to have sentinels that can be summoned with an egg spawn or spawner (with spawn limits, ticks, day or night options) and a command like /spawnnpc (sentinel name) (number of sentinels).

Also add a per world support, we don't want certain npcs to spawn in the same world and being able disable all of them in world, for example, the spawn area as it is a safe zone for the players.
We would appreciate if the sentinels spawn in the wilderness, to add an extra challenge for our players, of course some can be friendly as others can be your worst enemies. (with a spawn during day/night option and amount aswell).

Therefore, that means we would like to have a config file with easy customization and a ingame sentinel creator GUI menu (if possible).
Here is an example :

Config file details :

Sentinel Settings :

Sentinel Name : Guard
Sentinel Land : ex :Land name "Serilla" (Compatible with this plugin : https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/land ... ort.53313/) LandsAPI : https://github.com/Angeschossen/LandsAPI

Sentinel Skin : Notch

Sentinel behavior settings :
Sentinel behavior towards players : friendly/hostile
Sentinel behavir towards other animals/other entities : friendly/hostile
Sentinel behavir towards other monsters : friendly/hostile
Sentinel behavir towards other Sentinels :
- Friendly towards: all sentienls or Sentinel4, Sentinel5
- Hostile towards : Sentinel1, Sentinel2, Sentinel3

Sentinel info settings :

Sentinel Owner : Steve

Sentinel Health : ex: 20
Sentinel Armor : ex: 5
Sentinel Range : ex: 45

Sentinel Type : ex: Mage, Raider, Merchant, Guard...
Sentinel Projectile : ex: arrow, snowball, fireball e.g
Sentinel Particles (particles that fly around the sentinel) : ex: SMOKE_LARGE, REDSTONE, CRIT e.g

Sentinel Sound Ambient : ex: VILLAGER_YES
Sentinel Sound On Hit : ex: VILLAGER_OOF
Sentinel Sound Death : ex: VILLAGER_BIG_OOOOOF

World spawn : ex: world, world_the_nether e.g

There maybe are other addons, but we stick to that for the moment.

Our Budget :
Between 25 - 50 dollars, depends how user friendly the script is, the time taken to make the script.
Note : If the content is better then expected, the price can be negociable.

Thank you for your comprehension,

- Stephen_GFX, Owner of Salvoscraft, minecraft version 1.14.4.

DISCORD NAME : Stephen | KW2 G & A#5356
Website : https://www.salvoscraft.net/

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