(INACTIVE) Hiring a scripter to make a webget script!

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(INACTIVE) Hiring a scripter to make a webget script!

Post by BrokenRuins » December 22nd, 2019, 12:24 pm

Hello, im BrokenRuins (motzie on mc) and im looking for a scripter that can make me a webget script where when my server is started it says online and when its offline it says offline on my networks website, i would have multiple servers this would need setup on.

Discord: BrokenRuins#5026

Things i would need:
- script that outputs to a website if the server is offline or online
- preferably a customized image rather than text (I can provide the images for the online and offline)
- Must be able to add more servers when more servers are put online

- You tell me how much its going to cost and ill decide if its cost effective for us.

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