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SQL Handler

Post by Mwthorn » November 3rd, 2019, 1:50 pm

This handler takes care of the SQL connection and should be used whenever you make SQL tasks.
This only handles a single connection for simplicity reasons.

  • Download the script here: https://one.denizenscript.com/paste/59562.txt
  • Place the script in your script folder.
  • Restart server or reload scripts
  • Configure the file: plugins/denizen/data/sql/config.yml (path is the address with the SQL database)
  • Place `- inject SQL_Handler_Connect` right before you have SQL commands; use the SQL ID definition: <[id]>

Code: Select all

- inject SQL_Handler_Connect
- ~sql id:<[id]> "update:UPDATE `servers_status` SET `TPS=<server.recent_tps.get[1]>,`Players`=<server.list_online_players.size>,`Max`=<server.max_players>,`Update`=<server.current_time_millis> WHERE `Server Name` = <&sq>lobby<&sq>"

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Re: SQL Handler

Post by mcmonkey » November 4th, 2019, 5:19 am

- define pass:"none"
^ that's bad syntax
- yaml id:<[id]> set Password:MyPassword
^ for these lines, you should probably include a comment saying to not change the password within the script there, only within the generated config, to avoid risk of people confusing that.

You also still have old-style braces in the script.
Also your example on the forum post has a typo - missing backtick quote for "TPS"
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