NPC Skin Save/Load

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NPC Skin Save/Load

Post by mcmonkey » August 26th, 2019, 10:12 pm

A drop-in script that lets you save/load NPC skins, so you can reuse them (eg copy a skin from one NPC to another, or spawn a bunch of NPCs with one skin, ...).

(Updated from my old repo script (old))

Hastebin: <-- Most users, just click here and click "Download the script"

GitHub current version: ... e_load.dsc

This is a Denizen script! Denizen is a scripting engine that functions as a plugin for Spigot, and deeply integrates into Citizens to add a lot of extra features to your NPCs. Download Denizen here: or learn more about Denizen here: ... nizen.html

# Installation:
# Just put the script in your scripts folder and reload.
# Usage:
# Select an NPC and use command "/saveskin" or "/loadskin"
# You can do:
# /saveskin [name] - Saves the NPC's skin to the name you specify.
# /loadskin [name] - Gives the NPC the skin saved for the name you used.
# Uses permission "denizen.saveskin"
Denizen lead developer. On Discord as mcmonkey#6666.

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