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======================= 2 DENIZEN SCRIPTS =======================

Topic Title: 2 Small to Medium-Size Denizen Scripts (One with Sentinel).

Hi, my name is Jay. I am the owner of a small server called Mafiacraft (mafiacraft.myserver.gs). We run 1.14.4

My Discord Tag is @Jay#9393

I am looking to hire someone who would be willing to make the following scripts:

1) A script that would allow players to place down a pillager. Through a GUI, they would be able to place a weapon from https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/qual ... ory.47561/ in their inventory and give them bullets to use said weapon. Each pillager would attack anyone who wasn't on their whitelist. Whether this accessible via the GUI, a /command, or a book in their inventory is entirely at your discretion in terms of what is easier. They can be stationary, but if you can make them follow the player who placed them (there can be two different types, if easier), that would be a bonus.

2) We have vehicles on our server through https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/qual ... les.59129/. If someone could make a VERY simple NPC who would walk into vehicles and give you an option to input coordinates, the NPC would then fly the vehicle up to about Y 400 and then fly straight there before landing. While I do not need this for the land vehicles, if you can make it work, have at thee.

I am willing to negotiate on price and even basic functions, as I have no idea how difficult my request is. Give me an offer I can't refuse. Thanks in advance.

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