(INACTIVE) New2PC Is Hiring a Questing Scripter

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(INACTIVE) New2PC Is Hiring a Questing Scripter

Post by New2PC » May 21st, 2019, 5:03 pm


Hi there.
Im seeking someone to either write me a script or talk me through writing a script. The script Im looking to create will be for quests. Ill describe what i want in the best way im capable. I want several simple daily quests,"maybe 10" I also want an NPC that you click and it opens a GUI that lists available quests in which you can select and start the quest selected which progress for will be shown on side bar. We can discuss the different quests in detail if you take the job. But they will be simple. For example "kill 5 sheep and bring the wool." or "Collect 5 different flowers."

If someone is able to walk me thru the script so i can write it my self i can screen share and voice chat if necessary. If you just want to write the script yourself that is fine too. I get it, i will probably make you want to pull your hair out as a student.

I will not be specifying a price for this because im not sure what the worth, i will be taking the best reasonable offer. Obviously we will agree on a price before we start any work. And if it proves to be more difficult a task then you agreed i can throw some more money for the hassle.

On the denizen discord either DM or @ping New2PC on the hiring channel with offers if interested or if you have any questions.

Word of mouth will tell you that i am honest and good for the money. You can ask monkey xenmai or even electronicboy i have conducted business with these 3 who you all should know.

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