(SCRIPTER) Discord/NPC Interaction/Command Scripts from Behr

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(SCRIPTER) Discord/NPC Interaction/Command Scripts from Behr

Post by bear » March 28th, 2019, 8:42 pm

My discord id is Behr#5305. Feel free to @Ping me in the Denizen Script & Citizens Discord.

I'm available to work on scripts for your server! I can work with English or Spanish if needed, Just note that the Denizen Discord is an English discord, so try your best to work with English if you can.

Services I can confidently offer:
* Discord Commands
* Helping you create, set up and configuration your Discord Bot & Discord Scripts in your channel & server.
* NPC Dialog including simple quests
* Creating custom commands with unique features such as hover & click-able chat commands (See last example)

I'm familiar with most non-depenizen events and commands with Denizen and can confirm or deny capability of completing a script before proceeding. Most of my expertise is with NPC interaction, pleasant chat formatting and presentation, Discord related interaction and MMORPG/RPG type gameplay styles.
I'm actively writing scripts for my own servers; I actively write scripts and conduct new things for three servers as well as the largest network for Christian Minecraft servers. You can find a basic Discord script I have displayed found here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=151
My major RPG server has over 100+ unique NPC scripts, all with functional quests and interaction experiences. Additionally you can see a few other script previews I've designed: I charge $10 one-time for simple scripts, $20 one-time for intermediate scripts, and $20 per hour for more advanced scripts. Negotiations should be made in #Hiring only. Time counts will be rounded up to the next hour (so 30 minutes counts as one hour for payment, not half an hour). PayPal only please, I don't want to create anything else.

All proceeds go towards helping me fund my double-patreon subscription and as donations to @Anthony5966 if the script includes the Message Constructor Library(Hover/Clickable-Command Chat).

I'll offer free, lifetime bug fixes, debugging and updates for any scripts after our work is done! I charge my standard rate for adding new features though.
Additionally, I will explain to you any sections of my scripts, and how they work directly as well if requested.

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