(SCRIPTER) Discord/NPC Interaction/Command Scripts from Behr

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(SCRIPTER) Discord/NPC Interaction/Command Scripts from Behr

Post by bear » March 28th, 2019, 8:42 pm

My discord id is Behr#5305. Feel free to @Ping me in the Denizen Script & Citizens Discord.

I'm available to work on scripts for your server! I can work with English or Spanish if needed, Just note that the Denizen Discord is an English discord, so try your best to work with English if you can. I'll even google translate everything if that makes it easier for you.

Services I can confidently offer:
* Discord Commands
* Helping you create, set up and configuration your Discord Bot & Discord Scripts in your channel & server.
* Intricate NPC Dialog
* RPG/MMO themed scripts
* Creating custom commands with unique features such as hover & click-able chat commands (See examples)

I'm fairly experienced with Denizen and can confirm or deny capability of completing a script before proceeding. Implementing use of other plugins isn't an expertise, but I'm willing to contemplate any scripts before proceeding as well. It's likely your plugins are better off being made with Denizen and you should ditch them for Denizen anyways. Most of my expertise is with NPC interaction, pleasant chat formatting and presentation, Discord related interaction and MMORPG/RPG type gameplay styles.
I'm actively writing scripts for my own servers; I write scripts and conduct new things for four servers as well as the largest network for Christian Minecraft servers, and an additional network with a group of Denizen scripters. You can see a few other script previews I've designed: I charge $10 one-time for simple scripts, $20 one-time for intermediate scripts, and $20 per hour for more advanced scripts. Negotiations should be made in #Hiring only. Time counts will be rounded up to the next hour (so 30 minutes counts as one hour for payment, not half an hour). PayPal only please, I don't want to create anything else.

All proceeds go towards helping me fund my double-patreon subscription and as donations to @Anthony5966 if the script includes the Message Constructor Library(Hover/Clickable-Command Chat).

I'll offer free, lifetime bug fixes, debugging and updates for any scripts after our work is done! I charge my standard rate for adding new features though. If scripts contain use of external plugin(s), I likely will revoke fixing bugs based on the plugin(s).
Additionally, I will explain to you any sections of my scripts, and how they work directly as well if requested.

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Fantastic job

Post by Bullesta » February 12th, 2020, 4:52 pm

This man... He created me something I can’t obtain in real life! A Girlfriend!!!
In under 1 hour, Behr was able to code me a Minecraft girlfriend that, not only slightly hates me, but MAKES ME SANDWICHS! Honestly a legend.

(In full honesty, he was friendly and super helpful breaking down the code, would positively hire again)

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Re: (SCRIPTER) Discord/NPC Interaction/Command Scripts from Behr

Post by sauceburgundy » April 6th, 2020, 4:34 pm

made me good script
fully functional
perfect service
increased quality of script by THREE HUNDRED PERCENT when requested feature for script, EXCELLENT PERFECT SERVICE.

this comment was approved by the sauce of greatest coloured sauces. thank you again mr bear.

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