Freezing your players

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Freezing your players

Post by Icecapade » June 24th, 2020, 11:13 am

This Script let you freeze and unfreeze your players.

Moderators need the permission icecapade.freeze
Admins with the permission icecapade.freeze.notify receiving messages when a moderator freezes/unfreezes someone.
So that a freezed player is not forgotten, admins and moderators receiving every 5 minutes a player is freezed a notificaton.
If a freezed player joins or quits or tries to teleport they also receiving a notification.

The Syntax to freeze a player is:
/freeze [Player]
The Syntax to unfreeze a player is:
/unfreeze [Player]

Script is made for Denizen Release Build 1711+ and Citizens


old Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or errors.

- [1.0.3] fixed borked player validation
- [1.0.3] improved english translation
- [1.0.3] using recommended way for freezing players, means you need citizens now
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Re: Freezing your players

Post by mcmonkey » June 24th, 2020, 11:47 am

- The past tense of freeze is frozen not freezed.
- Actually, most of the English written in this script is a bit off.
- define location <player.eye_location>
- look <[player]> <[location]>

^ that seems like it'd be a bit of a bad time.
- <server.player_is_valid[<context.args.first>]> <-- that's completely invalid and inappropriate and will error. Check the example script at ... st-players
- Generally the recommended way to freeze a player is to have them spectate an NPC of themself, rather than the walk_speed thing that used to be recommended years ago before we had spectate.
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