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Message Constructor Library

Posted: June 28th, 2019, 3:55 pm
by mcmonkey
MCL is a handy utility script to let you easily send 'tellraw' style clickable messages in chat.
The script was originally developed by Anthony, and has been updated to modern Denizen standards by mcmonkey.

This script is no longer relevant to use. There are now native Denizen options for all of this.

Sample usages:

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- narrate "click <&e><proc[msgUrl].context[<&e>this||<&9>click]><&f> link"

- narrate "read the <&e><proc[msgCommand].context[<&e>help|help|<&a>click here fool!]><&f> docs"

- narrate "hover your mouse on the <&e><proc[msgHover].context[<&e>secret|<&6>gold star!]><&f> message"

- narrate "click <&e><proc[msgChat].context[<&e>yes|yes|Click this]><&f> to make your player say yes in chat"

- narrate "Give the player a <&e><proc[msgHint].context[<&e>Command|command|Click this]><&f> hint"

- narrate " <&e><proc[msgSuggest].context[<&e>Suggest|Maybe say this|Click this]><&f> something for your player to type" 
Current version on GitHub here: ... uctors.yml
Or haste link here:

(Old script repo original )